Day Curtains

Day curtains are lightweight and widely used in residential properties, their main purpose is to allow natural sunlight to gleam into the interior yet preserve the privacy during the day. Day curtains are available in a wide range of materials and design, they provide a spectacular view with reduced glare for users peering out.

Night Curtains

Typically made with opaque and dark colour materials, Night curtains block light from penetrating to the outside and in most cases are very applicable to use at night. The main functionality will be to secure the privacy of users on the inside so the person from outside cannot notice that lights are on inside the house. In recent years, residential owners have been using them in bedroom and lounge setting to prevent any light disruption.

Black-Out Curtains

Black-Out curtains are made to transform any room into a luxury hideout for users who seek privacy and solitude away from the hustle and bustle of life. They are made available in a variety of colours to suit the specific décor of rooms and boast are fully lined and made with only the highest quality of materials.


Drapes are commonly mistaken to be curtains, however drapes are different if seen with a keen eye. They are usually pleated and used to exude a formal feel to the interior setting and thus more commonly used in places where guests are invited, they do command a higher pricing as well due to type of materials used.